Academic Supports

Academic Supports

It is hoped that our students and their parents will use these resources to support their learning while in high school and to assist in the exploration of careers and education/training opportunities after completing high school. Our counsellors meet with students throughout their careers but the best planning at school is most successful when followed up at home.

Explore your options using one or both of these great resources

Two key resources we’ve committed funding to acquire are our access to the on-line programs:Ի. Clicking on each name takes you directly to the login page for that program. Students get their logins from their High School counsellor or their CALM teacher. Grade 9 students across the division can also access the program, though at this time we have not rolled it out to grade 9’s. (coming soon)


– Your key to tracking your high school Progress

ľӰԺ Education has made it much easier (after you complete the login process) to access your student records, marks, progress toward Rutherford Scholarships, and transcripts for post secondary applications.

Other Resources

– Provides you with links to plan your career, information on occupations, exploring education options, how to pay for your education, and how to find a job, includes videos and a ton of information.

– ľӰԺ Post-Secondary Application System – this is the website you use to apply to one or all post secondary programs universities, colleges, and the trades. , you can click on each school to get more information about their programs. (Remember a lot of this information is available to you throughԻ.)

Interested in United States Career Trends, (similar information for Canada is in MyBlueprint and Career Cruising) Check out the.


Show me the Money – Scholarships Section

Every year there are people who get scholarships that others frankly could have got if they’d been willing to do the digging, complete the forms, submit the necessary information and basically earn the money. They didn’t do it and the money went to someone else less qualified but more willing to put in the work. It’s no one else’s job to check out and fill out scholarships than yours as a graduating student but your mom and dad will sure be grateful and your bank account will thank you too.

Sign up is free, you need an e-mail address, first and last name to get started. HINT: Get an e-mail address that you can use the rest of your life that you won’t be embarrassed about when you are 30 applying to grad school. Just click on Featured scholarships to get a feel for what’s available. 10,000 dollars for any school any field RBC students leading change for example.

– Described as a site designed to build meaningful relationships with youth and support their education it offers free scholarship matching and peer to peer support. After login you have the ability to explore schools, subjects, ask questions and pursue scholarships and matching grants.

Your own school scholarships– Go to your school’s academic counsellor and check out the bulletin boards and other resources they have for local scholarships.